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Christmas Cake

This Christmas, my go-to secret ingredient for a standout cake is Californian Prunes. Grown under the Californian sun, these prunes bring a unique sweetness and rich texture to the table, making each slice a festive delight!

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Tri-Color Quinoa Patties

These patties are a delicious and nutritious addition to your menu! Packed with the goodness of RiceSelect Tri-Color Quinoa, sweet potatoes, and zucchini, they deliver a satisfying blend of crunchiness and delicious taste.

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Fig and Almond Cake

Get ready to whip up a scrumptious Fig and Almond Cake that’s easy and oh-so-delicious! This recipe combines the natural sweetness of figs with the nutty goodness of almonds for a cake that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, you’ll love this one.

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Orzo and Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

As the calendar flips to September, we’re about to dive into the perfect dish that’s not only back-to-school friendly but also a warm and cozy hug on those cool autumn nights. Picture this: juicy, mouthwatering meatballs cozied up with Rice Select Orzo, all woven together.

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Apple Pie

This is the best Apple Pie you will ever have! The flaky crust is soft and buttery with a delicious apple filling. Every time I think about this pie, I feel like making it right away!

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California Wine Month

September is California Wine Month! My friends from CAGrown and California Wines invited me to visit the Monterey area to see some of the wineries and vineyards that produce wine in that beautiful region of California.

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